The nature of nature, Moto engraving 2006, 5 print versions 100 x 170cm


Moto engraving session 2006 at Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm



In the renascence, artists took advantage of new possibilities and lay ground for the developments of intaglio engraving and intaglio printmaking. The mastership of engravers like Albrecht Dürer still have a great inpact in our time. I learned steel and copper engraving the classic way. The tactility of engraved lines, the sharpness and richness that can't be replicated by any other media was something that really cought me. During the recent 15 years I have developed methods to work on large formats, experimenting with post digital solutions for intaglio engraving.


A couple of years ago I installed a cnc engraving machine and started to experiment with machine/hand engravings on plastic plates for intaglio printmaking and since dec. 2022 I also started working with a fiberlaser to develop and explore new ways to laserengrave on copper plates.